Nature's Way

By Gaz Bailey  

Teeth and claws he can handle. Human nature on the other hand...

In the year 3300, humanity still can't resist getting up close and personal with the most dangerous creatures the universe can throw at them.

Duncan Sears is a legend, a celebrity huntsman selling dreams of the wild frontier that's always ready to kill the unwary.

It's a struggle to stay popular and breathing at the same time, especially when you're stuck on a floating zoo in a warzone, babysitting the latest in a long line of mysterious beasts stolen from under the nose of a clan of paranoid and tyrannical settlers.

With only the ugliest ship's commander in the known universe and a film crew of geeks and primadonnas to rely on, the next episode of Nature’s Way could be the last.

"The wily commander’s mind was full of the music of combat"

About the Author

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Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

Published by Fantastic Books Publishing

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