Mission (Almost) Completed

By Matthew D Benson  

It’s not over until the fat lady sings

Commander Schmidt, pilot of a Cobra MkIII, is coming back from a tough mission on behalf of the Alliance. The mission was ‘successful’, but Schmidt’s ship took a beating, and is now at risk of breaking up.

The ship and his own life support systems are showing ‘critical’ status, and his communications are stuttered, often interrupted. Schmidt is also having hallucinations / flashbacks, both to the mission, and earlier parts of his life, albeit as his condition deteriorates, the boundary between memories and dreams becomes less clear.

The short story covers the last part of Schmidt’s journey - the remaining few minutes as he returns to Indaol Station, the communications with the station docking controller, and Schmidt’s reflections on the mission.

"Commander Schmidt. Welcome to Indaol Space Station space field. Please announce your intentions"

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