Cat's Cradle

By Rose Thurlbeck  

It used to be a game. Then came the Silver Locusts

Cat's Cradle - Might be a child's game on the world where you grew up

Cat's Cradle - Might be where a cat gets stowed in emergencies. What is the law on the transportation of live animals in this system?

Cat's Cradle - Might explain how a cat could be on a starship anyway

Cat's Cradle - Might tell you how The Silver Locusts leave their mark

Cat's Cradle - Is Rose Thurlbeck's first published story

"I am a liar. Whatever else you take away from these stories, remember that. Anna Picard is a liar"

About the Author

Abandoned on a world she will never comprehend among people who fail to understand her, Rose Thurlbeck spends her days not writing the stories that plague her imagination, her nights dreaming of her home planet and its sapphire moon, Garthyre. Read More
Tales From The Frontier
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