Blood Is Thicker

By Ulla Susimetsä   

Live free and enrage the Emperor

130 years have passed since Henson Duval named himself the first Emperor. The strict Imperial rule, passed from father to son, is one of the defining characteristics of the Empire.

One woman wages a personal war against the Imperial family. It was their greed that caused the death of Annora's mother. Along with her disappeared every trace of her mysterious past. Annora's hunger for vengeance has blinded her to everything else but her impossible goal: to end slavery in a world where greed defeats generosity and personal profit triumphs over peace.

An end must be made of this quixotic quest; the Empire's economy is dependent on the slaves – and Annora's crusade might incite rebellion. The Emperor assigns the mission of capturing her to his nephew, Admiral Valerius Duval, a man of icy logic and iron control. But the Admiral has his own motives for hunting down the one-woman terrorist organisation.

"Nothing is more precious than freedom. Nothing! To have it, to keep it, you do anything"

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Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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