Beyond Civilisation

By Marko Susimetsä   

How far will you go in the fight for justice before it becomes revenge?

The Howard system was settled in high hopes of new mining venues in the local asteroid field. But little more than 20 years later, it lies all but forgotten at the fringes of Federation space.

When the Lycan Moon Mining corporation abandoned the system, they left behind a small settlement of Federation citizens to fend for themselves. On Rogatino, these people live off the planet's vast oceans and the meagre mining opportunities of the asteroid field.

With increasing piracy, the citizens have to set up a small militia force to protect themselves.

Anton Green is a young pilot who enters the militia in hopes of heroic adventures. Black Dart – a pirate captain and a rebel – seeks revenge and aims to end the Federation occupation in the system. He hires an assassin to kill lone Navy and militia pilots alike.

Anton meets with Commander Robert Marconan, a seasoned pilot disillusioned by the power plays and short-sightedness of corporations and politicians. Together they seek to bring down the pirate captain and his assassin.

"The day I die, the explosions of my enemies’ ships will light up the sky brighter than a thousand novas"

About the Author

A lover of hats and history. A writer of historical fiction and science fiction, or whichever genre serves as an outlet for his creative urges. The author of "Beyond Civilisation". Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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