An Ode To Betty Cole

By Nicholas Hansen 

Some lost things should never be found

En route to the innards of the Cegreeth system, the world weary crew of ’Oboe’ - a mercenary frigate - intercept a 150 year old video transmission. Deciphering the message slowly reveals the tragic story of a long since deceased commander and the woman he loved. Solving the message’s mystery creates a healthy distraction from ‘slow travel’ for the crew, but for Commander Shaun Harris, revealing the full details of the ‘Ode to Betty Cole’ isnot without consequence. Some lost things should never be found...

"I loved her. But I've done a hellish thing"

Penelope McDonald reads An Ode To Betty Cole (extract).

About the Author

Long term Frontier and hard boiled/thinking man's science fiction fan. Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

Published by Fantastic Books Publishing

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