Tim Gayda   

Author of "The Maledict"

Tim has been passionate about gaming and writing from an early age. After playing Elite, he became fascinated with interactive storytelling and is no stranger to the writing process. He has a degree in English Literature and experience with academic freelance writing, as well as having a few creative writing courses under his belt. Tim has combined both passions and put all that theory into practice by writing a short story for the Elite Anthology called: "The Maledict".

When the “Tales from the Frontier” Kickstarter was announced along with Elite: Dangerous, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to write an official story set in the Elite universe. Tim relished this challenge and enjoyed developing and improving his writing skills further with the Anthology project.

Tim first encountered the original Elite on the Amstrad CPC in the early nineties - his Dad helped him through the painful but necessary coming-of-age process of manual docking - cementing his life-long passion for video games and Sci-Fi. When compared to the endless platformers and shoot 'em ups at the time, Elite was a breath of fresh air for Tim, as it offered freedom of choice on a massive scale, and levels of immersion unparalleled in gaming for many years. He then graduated to Arc-Elite on the Acorn Archimedes - which he played relentlessly - before dabbling in Frontier: Elite II on the PC in the late nineties and finally the excellent Oolite.

Tim also enjoys playing chess, walking, reading fiction (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Thrillers, Detective, The "Classics"), watching films and listening to blues, indie and rock music.

The Maledict

As the plague dubbed “Maledict” devastates the independent world of Ackwada, a state of emergency is declared and a hunt for the cure begins. Read More
Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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