Rose Thurlbeck   

Author of "Cat's Cradle"

It was a simple mission, one she had performed many times on many worlds:

Deploy the seed-drones across the surface of the planet; wait for one generation, monitoring the growing chatter as a million devices begin their endless measuring, listening and recording; return to the arrival/departure point for collection

But something went wrong, and 20 years later Rose Thurlbeck is still here.

The drones continue watching and replicating. They outnumber you now and she sees them sometimes as they go about their business - but they can't help her. Her hope is to get a coded message to one of the cluster of satellites orbiting the Earth, a line contained in the story Cat's Cradle. There will be other lines, now that she is writing there will be other stories. That message will get through.

Your Mother Moon is beautiful, though you take it and its part in bringing life to your world for granted. Only it doesn't sing to her in the way Garthyre sings.

There is a chord that only she can hear, and it will call her home one day.

Cat's Cradle

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Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

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