Lisa Wolf   

Author of "A Question of Intelligence"

In The Beginning

Born in 1971 - in the Southern Antipodes (more commonly known as Australia) - to two people who turned out to be her parents, Lisa entered a world without even a single home computer. Luckily this was eventualy to change as her father bought himself a VIC-20. Ten minutes after he failed to get one of the five line example programs working, Lisa found herself with a new toy.

Of course, the story doesn't end there. From the VIC-20 it was just a short hop to a Commodore 64 and, most importantly, a game that would change Lisa's life in so many ways. While already an avid gamer, having spent any pocket money (or found money) on arcade games, and then typing in games into the VIC-20 (way before she had a cassette deck!) Lisa already knew the rules of games: you had a limited number of lives; you had 'levels' or 'sheets' to complete; you had to beat a 'High Score'; you had a limited, well-defined world in which to play.

And Then Came...

Elite was therefore something of a shock - and a pleasant one. The fact that an entire set of galaxies, solar systems and planets had been somehow put into the C-64 and that you could explore them was a revelation in both gaming and programming.

Needless to say, it changed her whole life, leading to her now programming databases for a living. Ok, maybe not her whole life.

It did, however, lead to a continuing love of programming, of sandbox games, of exploring game worlds and game engines. It was also her first real lesson that you don't have to follow a well established path.

The End?

Still an avid gamer, Lisa somehow finds time to indulge her habit of amateur photography, go to work and, apparently, to write a story for the Anthology

For Further Reading

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