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Elite: Tales From The Frontier is an official anthology of 15 beautifully illustrated stories, set in the Elite: Dangerous universe.

Our authors and illustrator come from a range of backgrounds and experience, but are all tied together with a common goal - to produce a great book that enriches the Elite: Dangerous universe.

We believe we have achieved that goal.

Please help to spread the word about our project across the galaxy. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and we're active on the Elite: Dangerous Forums.

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Tales From The Frontier is available right now as a 462 page eBook and as MP3/CD audiobooks. You can buy from:

Paperback, Hardcover and Special Editions are available right now, please note that the delivery of these physical editions may be delayed depending on stock levels.

Reader Review

“This is a fantastic collection of stories. As with any anthology, some stories appear better than others but none of the stories ought not be there. They all give their own perspective to the Elite universe and since it is based on the game Elite Dangerous, if you are playing the game and you are only wanting to buy one book, this is the book to get as it has lots of snippets of information that is invaluable. Some show the loneliness of space travel while others show its busy spaceports but they all show an aspect of the human condition from a pirate wanting to steal to a trader trying to make ends meet to miners etc . If you don't play elite but are a sci-fi fan, it is still a good and interesting read.”

By Flavio via Goodreads.com on 9th July 2014

Tales From The Frontier
An official Elite: Dangerous book.

Published by Fantastic Books Publishing

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